Partnering with Alex Cooper on your Listing

Leverage AC’s bidding platform and team of experts to auction your listings

Are you a real estate agent or seller with properties sitting on the market? Let the auction process work for you and your buyers, by introducing a new way to sell. Alex Cooper third-party auction agreement allows listing agents to keep their commission and take home a piece of the buyer’s premium too.

Want to learn how to make more commission and attract new buyers?

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Are you a Listing Agent? Here are the Auction Benefits

  • Alex Cooper has over 275,000+ visits to the bidding platform annually.
  • Utilizing a dedicated transaction team, your listing will be up, running and closed within 30 days. Closing will be managed by the team until the property is under contract.
  • Your property will be sold without contingencies, financing or inspection. Once the property in under contract there won’t be any repairs or negotiations.
  • Our transaction coordinator team will communicates with the buyer to handle the purchase agreement, so you won’t have to spend time filling out paperwork.
  • All marketing services including: photography, signage, property listing on MLS and flyers are paid for by Alex Cooper.

Case Studies 

102 Knob Hill Ct. Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093

Sold for $296,800 + 6% Buyer’s Premium

+ 6%
Listing agent received 6% commission 

+6% ÷ 2
Alex Cooper and the Listing agent each received an additional 3% because there was no buyer’s agent involved. 

= 9%
Commission for the Listing Agent 

After listing the property on the MLS and handling all calls and showings, Alex Cooper sold the property in 2 and a half weeks.  

12000 Park Heights Ave. Owings Mills, MD 21117

Sold for X + 10% Buyer’s Premium

+10% ÷ 2
Alex Cooper and the Listing agent each received an additional 5% because there was no broker co-op.

= 5%
commission for the Listing Agent

7212 Bellona Ave, Baltimore, Ruxton, 21212

Sold for $1,050,000 + 5% Buyer’s Premium

+5% ÷ 2
Alex Cooper and the Listing agent split the commission.

= 2.5%
commission for the Listing Agent