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Can I determine how much my home is worth from an internet website?

While there are many free tools available on the internet, for a competitive market analysis (CMA) you should contact a licensed real estate professional. At Alex Cooper we have extensive knowledge of the Maryland and DC Metro markets and can provide you with a comprehensive estimate for your home.

Why should I list with Alex Cooper Real Estate?

While Alex Cooper is traditionally known for their auction services, we recognize that not every property is best marketed at an auction. When looking at your property, both residential and commercial, we will determine if a traditional listing or an auction is the best method given your property goals and timeline.rnrnOur team of realtors are licensed in Maryland and DC and have sold thousands of properties – both via private brokerage transactions, private off market transactions as well as on market transactions via the multiple listing services. Our tightknit team of Marketing and Real Estate experts bring the fast pace and aggressiveness of our auction DNA to the traditional real estate market.

How do you determine how much my home is worth?

At Alex Cooper, we look at a variety of factors including square footage, condition, clean-up, property location, and comparable sale listings. With our extensive knowledge of selling thousands of listings in the Maryland and DC area we can easily determine how much your home is worth and position it competitively in the market.

What is the difference between a list price and sale price?

The list price is an asking price and the sale price is the final transfer price the home was sold for, exclusive of closing costs.

Why is the assessed value different than what you say my home is worth?

The assessed value is solely based on the price per square foot and amount of land in the surrounding area. This will be different than the number the Alex Cooper team gives you because it does not take into account property condition, improvements made, etc.

Our team of realtors will work with you to ensure your home is priced competitively in the market.

What should I disclose to potential buyers?

Alex Cooper creates all of the marketing and communication documentation about the property and handles all communications with buyers. We will walk you through the entire disclosure questionnaire.

What steps should I take to prepare my home for sale?

In general, the property should be in broom swept condition and we typically recommend that personally identifying photos be taken down so a buyer can better envision themselves in the space. Alex Cooper can coordinate clean out and staging services. Upon evaluation of a property we will provide a complete recommendation.

What are some common bank required repairs?

Common bank required repairs include foundation, stair railing, and electrical. For rental properties they also require lead paint certification, radon, and rental registration, as well as a multi-dwelling permit. The Alex Cooper team is here to assist and guide you throughout the entire repairing process.

What is a sale contingency?

The buyer may have in their contract certain criteria that must be met to complete the sale or they will have an option to terminate the purchase agreement. The Alex Cooper team will assist you throughout the entire contract process so that your sale is successful.

How frequently and by which methods do you communicate with your home sellers?

The Alex Cooper team is always available via text, email or phone. We personalize communication to our sellers’ preferences and proactively reach out to make the home selling process as smooth as possible.

What improvements will help me sell my home?

The Alex Cooper team evaluates each property on a case by case basis and ensures that any recommended improvements will have a positive return on your investment.

Should we hold an open house?

At Alex Cooper, we recommend open houses for any residential property targeted to a homeowner. Multifamily, commercial and investment properties are evaluated on a case by case basis as oftentimes private appointments are preferable.

How much does it really cost to sell my home?

Alex Cooper is paid a sales commission agreed upon between Alex Cooper and the property seller, payable at closing. In addition, the seller will typically split transfer taxes, documentary stamps, and closing costs with the buyer. On average, this would run between 1.5%-1.75% of the transfer price. Others costs a seller may include are cleaning fees, staging fees, and buyer/bank requested repairs.

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