Alex Cooper Private Sales

    Alex Cooper Private Sales provides a direct and discreet opportunity for buyers and collectors to purchase outside the auction calendar. We are pleased to offer private sales in a unique variety of categories featuring fine art, jewelry, rugs and luxury goods. Our private sales platform offers the buyer the opportunity to purchase at a mutually agreed upon price.

    Once you and our sales director have arrived at a price, the post sales team will send you an invoice with payment instructions. We accept wire transfers, cash, checks, bank draft or cashier check as well as credit cards. We will also connect you to one our white glove, preferred shippers to arrange the delivery of the item directly to you.

    Please contact one of specialist/sales director/department director for more information regarding the private sales inventory. Our specialist are also available to discuss the private sales platform for the seller wishing to forgo the auction route.

    Wolf Kahn.

    "Moving Back into a Wooded Space," oil