Why Sell Real Estate with Alex Cooper Auctioneers?

    With our world-class digital bidding, platform and nearly a century of business, Alex Cooper Auctioneers is dedicated to making selling your property easy. If you have a property to sell, our team can help you succeed.




      ** Speedy Process & Quick Turnaround**

    A property auction has a set date and time which can expedite the sale process. Alex Cooper typically markets their properties between 14 and 21 days.  This quick turnaround can be particularly advantageous for sellers who need to sell their property promptly.

         **Elimination of Negotiations**

    In an auction, the seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale. Therefore, there's no need to negotiate terms with buyers.

    **Certainty of Sale**

    Once the auction hammer goes down, the sale is legally binding. This means the buyer cannot back out without facing serious legal consequences.

     **Immediate Deposit**

    The winning bidder must provide a 10% non-refundable deposit, which can provide the seller with quick financial assurance.



    A Real Estate Auction creates an event generating greater demand for buyers to compete for your property by submitting bids that determine the fair market value.  

    Auctions often draw a large crowd and can garner more attention than traditional real estate listings, potentially exposing your property to a broader pool of potential buyers. 

    **Potential For Higher Price**

    In some cases, the competitive nature of auctions can result in a higher sale price sale than might have been achieved through a private sale.  



    An Alex Cooper Auction offers built-in protection for the seller called a reserve.  Reserves shield sellers against any low offers or failed auctions.  We ensure your interests are always protected!  Should you choose to not accept a bid below the reserve price you do not owe any financial compensation to Alex Cooper.




    Since 2017 Alex Cooper Auctioneers has operated a World Class digital auction platform that connects sellers to an extensive network of buyers.  Our platform has over 43,500 buyer accounts.   In one convenient location, buyers can browse properties for sale and participate in online auctions via desktop computers and mobile devices- an easier process than traditional in-person events.

    Timed online auctions allow potential buyers from various geographical locations to participate, broadening the buyer pool and potentially increasing the final sale price.  Our platform also allows buyers to leave a maximum bid if they are not available during the conclusion of the auction.  

    With a specified end time, sellers are not left waiting for an unspecified period; plus, the 3-minute soft close ensures that bidding wars can occur ensuring all interested parties have an equal opportunity to win.



    At Alex Cooper Auctioneers, our Auctions incite a competitive atmosphere among potential buyers, which can result in higher final sale prices.

    Traditional real estate listings typically have an asking price, which can limit the potential sale price. Auctions, however, have no price ceiling, and the final sale price can exceed expectations in competitive scenarios.


    We provide sellers with full-service marketing solutions from strategizing and budgeting, to creative design and the latest digital resources. Our goal is to generate maximum exposure for properties, drive traffic to our auctions, and help bidders find their dream real estate property.

    Unlike most companies, which charge nonrefundable marketing fees, Alex Cooper provides a full suite of marketing services. We handle all marketing on the seller's behalf with no upfront costs to our database of buyers!





    Your real estate is guaranteed to get maximum market exposure with our listing services on the top Real Estate websites around including- Bright MLS, and CREXI, which will parse to all third-party real estate websites including Zillow, and Trulia included! 




    Our auctions are not contingent on financing, appraisal results, or inspection results-we sell the property as-is.  


    A Real Estate Auction may be the right fit if you.....

    Need to sell your property quickly.

    You want to sell the property in as-is condition.

    Low inventory in the market and high demand for your property

    You are looking to maximize the value of your home. 

    You do not want to deal with buyer financing contingencies.

    You need to downsize your portfolio

    You have a property on the market that isn't selling. 

    You inherited a property you want to sell.



    Auctioning Real Estate with Alex Cooper delivers key benefits for any seller, from homeowners and businesses to investors and beneficiaries. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and strategize auctioning your property on call 



    What are the Benefits of Selling with Alex Cooper?

    • A closing sale often in just 21 days
    • Maximum listing exposure
    • Personalized, trustworthy and reliable customer service
    • A deep knowledge of the local market
    • Connection to a broad network of motivated buyers
    • Beginning to end support from local experts
    • Unmatched network of regional buyers to drive prices to fair market value

    Why Alex Cooper Over Other Auctioneers?

    • Unmatched network of local buyers (built ongoing since 1924)
    • The experience to handle all the logistics of a quick close in a no fuss efficient manner.
    • A reputation of professionalism earned over 90+ years throughout Delaware, Virginia, Mayland, and Washington, DC.
    • A completely transparent and efficient selling process.
    • No inspection contingencies, and rarely any issues to negotiate.
    • Sellers can not only sell their home quickly, but make substantial savings.

    How Do I Sell my Real Estate in an Online Auction with Alex Cooper?


    1. Registration with Alex Cooper

    Begin by simply filling out a form located below. The form will ask you to provide details so Alex Cooper can perform a competitive market analysis to determine the value of your home. This would normally involve an onsite visit by one of our estate agents. If an onsite visit is impossible, we can arrange a video call with one of our real estate agents who can answer any and all questions you might have. Through the meeting, A member of Alex Cooper can gather important characteristics of your home.
    Setting the Date and Time for Your Auction

    2. Setting the Date and Time for Your Auction

    AC sends a listing agreement via email to review and sign. At this stage, you can set the reserve minimum for your home and schedule a date and time to auction that works for you
    Marketing Strategy to Get Your Property Maximum Exposure

    3. Marketing Strategy to Get Your Property Maximum Exposure

    After AC works with you to get the necessary photographs or videos of your property, we apply a robust marketing strategy. Using a mix of print media, social media, email and syndicated sites to notify Alex Cooper’s global network of highly motivated buyers, your house is shown to the right people.
    You Make the Final Decision

    4. You Make the Final Decision

    Thirty minutes after the end of the auction, you’re given the choice to accept the highest bid or reject it. Alex Cooper will do all the paperwork and collect the money deposit from the buyer.

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