The Seller Advantages of Auctioning Real Estate with Alex Cooper

For over ninety years, Alex Cooper has helped families, businesses and investors sell their properties to a network of tens of thousands of buyers.  We serve the Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware and Virginia regions.

With a world-class digital bidding platform and nearly a century of expertise, Alex Cooper makes selling real estate simple. If you have a property to sell, our team can help you succeed.   

Auctions are now recognized as a smart, efficient way to sell all types of real estate.
Selling property the traditional way can be a slow, often stressful process.
You may be surprised to learn, then, that you have options. Selling your property at real estate auctions with a minimum reserve can get you quicker, better results. At Alex Cooper Auctioneers, we partner with your real estate agent to make the selling process easier and increase your chances of success. Need some clarification? Let’s walk through it.  

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Why You Should Sell Your Property at Auction

A real estate auction is the public sale where buyers compete for property by submitting bids. Alex Cooper conducts its auctions using its online bidding platform.

Auctions are often a faster and more convenient way to sell compared to a traditional listing. Plus online exposure widens your property's audience of active buyers.

A real estate auction may be right for you in the following situations:

•  You need to sell your property quickly.

•  You want to sell the property in as-is condition.
•  Low inventory in the market. Let the market determine the value in real time so you are not leaving money on the table.
•  You do not want to deal with a buyer financing contingency.
•  You need to downsize your investment portfolio.
•  You have a property on the market that isn’t moving.
•  You recently inherited a property that you want to sell.

Benefits of Auctioning Real Estate with Alex Cooper

At Alex Cooper, we are staunch advocates for sellers. We’ve designed our breadth of tools and services to make auctioning real estate as simple and stress-free as possible.

  • Established reputation: Tens of thousands of buyers, sellers, and Realtors trust Alex Cooper to handle their property sales. 
  • World-class digital bidding platform: Alex Cooper operates a world-class digital bidding platform that connects sellers to an extensive network of buyers. In one convenient location, potential buyers can browse properties for sale and participate in online auctions via computers and mobile devices—an easier process than traditional in-person events. 
  • Full-service marketing: Most companies charge nonrefundable marketing fees. Alex Cooper doesn't. We handle all marketing on the seller’s behalf with no up-front costs. Over two to four weeks, we’ll create a customized marketing plan for your property and get your listing in front of more buyers in a wider network—our bidding platform has over forty thousand registered buyers.
  • Save thousands on commission and closing costs: The buyer pays Alex Cooper’s commission and all traditional closing costs. Traditionally the seller is required to pay between 6 and 8 percent of the purchase price to cover these expenses. 
  • Highly experienced in-house support team: When you hire Alex Cooper, you hire our entire team. During each stage of the process, from signing the listing agreement to closing the transaction, our transaction team works in step with our sales team. Our job does not end until you receive your proceeds.

Types of Properties We Sell

With Alex Cooper, homeowners, investors, business owners, and more benefit from selling a wide range of properties:

•  Luxury estates or condos
•  Single family homes
•  Townhomes or row homes  
•  Rental properties
•  Investment properties
•  Apartment buildings 
•  Commercial properties
•  Mixed use properties
•  Land or lots


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