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    Sell a House in Three Weeks at the Best Price Possible Even During the Coronavirus Lockdown

    Real estate agents and auctioneers at Alex Cooper have been serving Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Delaware since 1924. Our online and in person listings and auctions sell millions of dollars of commercial and residential properties every year. Our online bidding platform has enabled us to successfully sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of real estate after the lockdown began in late March. There continues to be demand to buy and sell real estate of all kinds in our area. Alex Cooper Auctioneers and real estate agents are committed to serving sellers and buyers during this challenging time. You can still get top dollar for your property even during this lockdown. Our team of auctioneers and real estate professionals are here to help.

    Sell Your House at Auction

    Alex Cooper offers traditional listings as well as real estate auctions. If you are deciding whether traditional listing or auction is the right choice for you, these are some advantages of selling real estate by auction you might want to consider: Get the Highest Price in 21 Days or less, Set a Minimum Price, No Inspection Contingencies.

    Who Can Sell a House at Auction?

    Any home or property owner can sell at auction. Many homeowners and investors are not used to selling a house at auction, but it is often the fastest and most effective way to achieve the highest price. Selling a home at auction means the buyer pays the commission in the form of a buyer’s premium, no inspection contingencies and fewer issues to negotiate. These can all add up to substantial savings.

    The Alex Cooper Selling Process

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    Connect with Your Personal Alex Cooper Real Estate Agent

    Alex Cooper will go over a generalized marketing plan and ask questions about your property in order to perform a CMA (competitive market analysis) to determine the value of your property. Typically this involves a site visit, where we can also get to know each other in person.

    The Paperwork

    An auction listing agreement is sent out for your review and signature. At this stage you will set the reserve minimum for your property and an auction date and time will be scheduled.

    Marketing Ramp Up

    Alex Cooper will implement the marketing strategy. We will need access to the property for photos and information collection. Diligence materials such as leases, building plans and financial statements will be collected if applicable to marketing your property.

    Auction Marketing Period

    Your property is added to the Alex Cooper website and MLS. The marketing is then syndicated across the largest and most popular real estate websites as well as print media to maximize the exposure of your property. We also notify Alex Cooper’s global network of highly motivated buyers. It is suggested that the property be made available for scheduled guided tours as well as approved private showings.

    Auction Day

    Typically, sellers must be available approximately 30 minutes prior to the close of the auction and for the 30 minutes afterwards. As the bidding draws to a close, you will have the ability to accept or reject the high bid, if it is under your reserve price. The buyer and you will sign the purchase agreement and we will collect the earnest money deposit from the buyer per the advertised terms of sale.

    Settlement Period

    You will be introduced to our settlement coordinator as well as continue to stay in contact with your Alex Cooper sales agent. We will be facilitating communication with the buyer’s title company as well as any requests the buyer may have. The buyer may request access to the property for a walk through. Alex Cooper will review the closing statement on your behalf to be sure it is correct.


    Lastly, the property will close, facilitated by the title company. At closing, you will sign over the deed and receive payment.