Art by Artists You Should Know

The May 11th Gallery Auction will be very exciting and is jam packed with world renowned artist. The auction also provides an incredible opportunity to obtain some fabulous pieces from some lesser-known names. While you may or may not have heard of them, their work is exceptional and becoming very collectible.


Lot 1200, Laura Gilpin. "Rio Grande Before a Storm," photograph

We open the art portion of the auction with a photograph by Laura Gilpin. Lot 1200 “Rio Grande Before a Storm” is a striking example of the artist’s oeuvre. Gilpin was an American artist known for her striking photographs of the Southwest and the people that lived there. Her photographs of the Native American communities, namely the Navajo and Pueblo people, are known for the respectful portrayals and have become important cultural documents of the heritage of Indigenous people.


Lot 1206, Tim Bavington. "Study for Spring (At Last)," inkjet

Tim Bavington, an English artist born in 1966, is known for his colorful, linear works.  While they may appear simple, they are created with meticulous detail and precision.  Bavington’s work is inspired by popular music and often references songs in his work. He has been widely praised for both his technical master as well as the striking visual impact.  We are excited to have lot 1206 “Study for Spring (At Last)” in this auction.  This piece is an archival inkjet print used as a study for his well-known “Spring” series.


Lot 1208, Richard Tuttle. "Galisteo Paintings," woodcuts

One of my personal favorite artists, Richard Tuttle, appears at lot 1208 with “Galisteo Paintings” a set of seven embellished woodcuts. Tuttle, an American postminimalism artist, is known for the delicate quality of his work as well as for his expansion of the boundary between painting and sculpture. He is also known for his subtle use of line and form and is also a well-known writer.


Lot 1223, Madeline Kolb. "Something Has Changed," mixed media

Madeline Kolb was a new artist to me but I was immediately a fan. She is a Swiss born artist who makes her home in California. She is known for her moody atmospheres and figures. Lot 1223, “Something Has Changed,” is an ethereal mixed media with a solitary figure surrounded by a murky light.

Of her work Kolb explains,

“The human figure is the vehicle with which I can most positively relate. I’m preoccupied, fascinated and curious about the solitariness and mysteriousness of human beings. The more developed my curiosity becomes, the more acute, the more complicated, complex, and suggestive the world around people becomes. I am also driven and guided by sensory impressions: noise, color, texture, smell, shapes, expressions, tone, language and light.”


Lot 1224, Sherry Karver. "Surrender," mixed media

Lastly, there is a fascinating work by Shery Karver at lot 1224. “Surrender” is a mixed media work from Karver’s “Amusement Park Series, These Are the Good Old Days.” “Surrender” combines paint and photo images in a vivid yellow scene of children on the swings at the amusement park. Karver is not a traditional artist. She has explored art since childhood and approaches it from her own perspective. She is mid-career artist whose work can now be found in over 175 private, corporate and museum collections.

With so many fantastic options, it is hard to choose a favorite. Don’t miss this chance to own a new work of art either by an artist you know, or one you have just met.


Kathleen Hamill
Director, Modern & Contemporary Art