Meet The Expert: Heather Haas

Meet the fresh face on the rug floor, Heather Haas. With more than 20 years in the design world, Heather’s detail-oriented approach coupled with her creative eye, sheds a new light on the gallery floor.


What are the Pros of shopping at Alex Cooper?
HH: When you shop at Alex Cooper you are getting the best experts in their relative fields, and a chance at  true one-of-a-kind valuables. In the rug department, I have studied under some of the best designers in the Baltimore-DC area and I bring a keen sensibility about how to mix old and new, how to update your more timeless classic rooms with a new rug, because let’s face it the first thing you notice when you walk into a room is the rug. I can help you freshen up a space, with one small edit, without breaking the bank.

What does Alex Cooper offer?
HH: Alex Cooper Gallery has truly become your one stop design shop for all of your rug needs. We offer everything from free In-home design consultation, paint selection, concepts to expand your outdoor living space, ideas to update the rug you already have, children’s rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, delivery, rug pads, the highest quality and the most current of designs and trends. I have the ability to meet client’s whole house carpeting needs right here in the rug department.

What sets Alex Cooper apart?
HH: I feel like Alex Cooper’s 95 years in Baltimore has solidified us as the city’s expert on all things rug related, from repairs, to appraisals, to where to go next with the look of your room. My intuitive approach to design and honest approach to doing business with our customers combined with Alex Cooper’s successful years in the industry is what sets us apart.

What is your background?
HH: I started out my career working at the Washington Design Center as a fabric rep at Hines, then transferred to their New York City outpost. My love of design grew and I knew I wanted to be more involved in the conceptualization of the design itself and I went to work as an Interior Designer for GMI Design in Baltimore, and Andrew Law Interior Design in Washington DC. I spent the last several years overseeing the furniture intake/appraisals for Great Finds & Design in Timonium and running my own business on the side. I continued to watch the market change and saw the increasing need to blend old and new as styles evolved.

What do you bring to Alex Cooper?
HH: I think I bring a fresh attitude to the rug floor, and a fresh approach to the vintage rugs. Mixing the antique rugs with a modern coffee table, for example, breathes a whole new life into the rug. The modern rugs are just so much fun, my imagination and the customization options that are available in today’s market make the design options truly endless. My attention to detail makes my customers truly happy with the results of our collaborative efforts. I’ve never been in the rug business, and I think that is to my benefit. I have been in the design business for over 20 years, and I was always taught that the key to successful design relationships is transparency, and I have had incredibly trusting relationships with all of my clients and customers in other positions I have held. I always have the customer’s best interest in mind when designing, and I firmly believe you always have to build a foundation of trust from the start to achieve success. I have lots of successful design projects to show for it!

What are you most looking forward to at Alex Cooper?
HH: I am most looking forward to developing new relationships with customers over a shared love of design, and appreciation of quality goods. I could talk about rugs, furniture, art, and color, and how they complement one another all day long! I know Alex Cooper has a long tradition of repeat customers and I look forward to nurturing and building on those relationships, as well as bringing in new customers, friends, and introducing them to the timeless brand that is Alex Cooper Auctioneers.

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