Militaria, Americana & Scientific Instrument Highlights

The upcoming February 6th, 2020 Gallery Auction features a vast and unique collection of Militaria, Americana and Scientific Instruments.  Here are a few highlights from the sale.


Lot 692: Senator Lyndon B. Johnson Letter and Lot 698: 1888-1892 Democratic National Convention Tickets.

Lot 692
Lot 698


Lot 700: Late Victorian Brass & Cast Iron Signal Cannon.

Lot 703: I.B.M. M1 Carbine, Lot 711: US Army M1917 W.W.I Knuckle Duster Trench Knife and Lot 718: Colt Baby Dragoon Percussion Revolver.

Lot 703
Lot 711
Lot 718

Lot 724: Caucasian Shashka Sword and Lot 749: Reproduction United States Navy Dress Sword.

Lot 724
Lot 749

Lot 726: Vintage Ottoman Turban Helmet, Lot 728: Springfield Armory Machine Gun Test Archive, WWI and Lot 747: Thirteen Assorted U.S. Service Medals.

Lot 726
Lot 728
Lot 747

Scientific Instruments:

Lot 805: P. Angenieux Type  S 3 Lens,  Lot 813: Graflex Three Cell Hand Flash and Lot 818: Berthiot Pan Cinor 1:2.8 Lens.

Lot 805
Lot 813
Lot 818

For bidding links and the complete auction listing, click here.