Should I Sell My House As Is Or Fix It Up?

Can I Sell A House Fast As Is? Do I Need To do Work?

Our Short Answer: 

Currently the market in Maryland is red hot, but the decision on whether to fix a home or not comes down to strategy. If the homeowner thinks renovations will help sell a house fast for more money, they have to weigh that against the chances that this spike in demand will still be there when renovations are complete.   

Am I Better Off If I Sell A House As Is?

Let’s say a property needs some work – maybe even a lot of work. What if the electrical system isn’t in working as it should, or the water system has a few leaking pipes? 

These types of issues may take a lot to be fixed, and may make a seller feel inclined to put off a sale.

Fortunately, selling a house as is can still be lucrative. Many homeowners  are able to relinquish their need for investment by selling to buyers particularly interested in house-flipping. House flippers purchase properties prepared to make the investment that the house may need, and allow homeowners the opportunity to sell a house fast.

Something to consider in this decision is the neighborhood the property is in. What is the value of nearby properties? Is the property near good schools, shops, and other amenities? These attributes could dramatically affect how much the market value is regardless of condition.

Should I Fix Up A House Or Sell A House As Is?

You may have lived in your house for years. It’s natural for eventual wear and tear to happen, creaky stair cases, water damage, even the occasional wiring issue. 

The path of least resistance for most long-term home-owners is to sell a house as is, without paying for upgrades. It’s often surprising to homeowners how even making a few minor changes will dramatically increase the value of a house.

With small improvements, they don’t have to break the bank, and get a higher return. After all, a home that gives the impression that it’s well-looked after, despite larger issues, is likely to attract more offers

Roadblocks You Can Avoid If You Sell A House Fast, As Is: 

  • If You’re Facing Potential Foreclosure

It could be that you need to sell your property and move quickly for either financial or personal reasons. Perhaps your property is nearing being foreclosed upon, and you have no option but to sell it as is to help avoid foreclosure.  Here you may want to give up some profit to escape the ramifications of foreclosure.

  • If You Can’t Afford Repairs, Even Minor Ones

You may not be facing foreclosure, but are in a position where you can’t afford to repair problems that just keep growing. In this case, sometimes it can be beneficial to know when to cash out and put the property up for auction or traditional sale.

  • If You Are In Significant Tax Debt

Unfortunately, there are cases when the IRS can put a lien on your property if you owe too much in property or state taxes. If this does happen, there are circumstances in which you can sell the house as a means of paying off that debt and likely walking away with some cash leftover.

  • If Time Is A Serious Factor For You

As mentioned, renovations can be costly, but often the stronger pain point is how long they can take to complete. If a homeowner needs to offload a property due to a change in lifestyle, job, or otherwise that demands immediate action, the best option is to sell a house fast as is.

If You Are Unsure Whether To Do Repairs, What Do You Do?

If you are unsure whether to do repairs, it may be a good idea to compare your home to other properties in your neighborhood. It will give you a clearer picture of what repairs are necessary. You may find homes have lavish upgrades that you can’t afford, but if there are repairs which can be made ideally in a short amount of time and without hurting your wallet, you may want to consider it if you think it will yeild a large return.

Selling A Home As Is: Who Will Buy My Property?

Some buyers will see your property as an opportunity. House flippers are always on the lookout for a home that needs repairing which they can afford at a lower cost than a renovated home, and make the repairs themselves. 

Additionally, there may be individuals and families who normally couldn’t afford a home in the neighborhood your property exists in. Buying your “fixer-upper” is an investment opportunity for them as well, even if it’s more personal an affair. Most buyers will typically get a home inspection before making an offer to see exactly how much needs to be repaired. Fortunately with avenues such as home auction, only one inspection will be necessary, saving the seller a lot of time.

The reality is a property that isn’t in the best shape is an investment to whoever buys it. Even for someone who normally could afford a more put together house, some may be interested in purchasing a house that could use some work, because the affordability allows them to adjust and renovate the property to their personal taste.

How Would I Sell A House As Is?

Most homeowners will want to avoid the never-ending back and forth of negotiating repairs that can happen when selling a house as is. This is one of the significant benefits of selling platforms like home auction; the spirit of healthy competition combined with buyers who are predisposed to buying works-in-progress, means no negotiation needed. 

If You’re Selling A House As Is, How Do You Price It? 

To assess how much your home will be worth it’s a good idea to weigh the cost of proposed improvements against the home’s market value after the repairs or upgrades are completed

If you find that an improvement won’t offer you a return on investment, you’ll know that it’s not worth laying out the money. 

What Are The Must Repair Items To Sell A House Fast?

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making repairs, even minor ones. Creating a positive first impression on buyers is always important. 

If buyers spot problems, i.e. malfunctioning heating or electrical systems, they’re likely to wonder what else in your home needs work done.

Here are a few things that are a must repair if broken and you’re fixing up the house:

  • The water heater
  • The HVAC system
  • The circuit breaker
  • Broken windows
  • Broken doors or doorknobs
  • Any major water damage to wood on the ceiling or floors.

How The Market Affects Selling Your House As Is? 

If your local real estate market is struggling to keep up with demand – a typical seller’s market, you will usually be able to sell your home without doing fix-ups. 

The Bottom line: 

Right now, as the Maryland real estate market is high in demand, renovations may not be as necessary as you think they are. Obviously everyone’s selling strategy will be different, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity of selling during a sellers market.