Getting Funky with Funko Pops – Why are They So Popular?

Collectibles are a fickle thing. From the outside looking in, collector culture can be very overwhelming. Trading cards, comics books and action figures seem reserved for a niche audience – people who act pretty much exactly like the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. While that may be true in the case of die-hard collectors, collecting is a hobby anyone can get into.

But what the heck is going on with Funko Pops?!

Funko Pops, if you do not already know, have been appearing all over the world’s retail spots seemingly out of thin air. Suddenly, it seemed as though these collectible plastic figures became the standard for nerd culture everywhere. Why is that? More importantly, why should you care?

Lot 1124, Selection of Funko Pop! Figures

As a brand, Funko did not really start to hit it big until around 2010. From their meek beginnings as Austin Powers bobble head vendors, it was only when they developed the first couple of Pop! Figures of well-known superheroes – like Batman and Robin – did they come become slightly popular. With each passing year, more companies and properties signed off on the production of their own proprietary Funko Pops. What started as a gimmick quickly turned into a collectors’ paradise after each passing year.

It is not known when exactly Funko Pop’s became popular. However, their business model was inherently set up for success. Each figure features a homogenous, recognizable design that makes them accessible to anyone. Two big dot eyes, a cubed head, and a small body – these few design quirks allow each figure to be instantly recognizable as part of the Pop! Franchise. And, perhaps more importantly, be displayed with extraordinary ease. The accessibility of Funko Pops is by far what makes them the most interesting. Each figure looks as though it belongs with the other – every figure creates a feeling of cohesion in one’s collection.


Lot 1116, Selection of Funko Pop! Figures

In our recent discovery auction, we have been given some unusual items we do not normally sell. From various, miscellaneous anime figurines to a massive array of Funko Pops, we are extremely excited to see the turnout of the auction.

In our auction, we sell Funko Pops en masse. Every item is a bundle of many separate figurines – and with that one could start their own collection. Funko Pops have become so pricey and sought after due to the sheer expanse of the market, and as the number of different figures rise, so do the price and rarity of figures. The resale and collector's aftermarket are lucrative as ever, with no change in sight.

“What the heck is going on with Funko Pops?!” The truest answer to the question is that they can mean anything to you. Whether you are a die-hard collector, big fan of a specific franchise, or even just want a small gift for a friend, these figurines are not to be missed out on.

Lot 1117, Selection of Funko Pop! Figures

Fans of IPs like The Simpsons, Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney, and DC comics (and even more!) should not miss out on these items, especially now that you recognize their worth.

Who knows? Maybe you are one of the die-hard collectors after all.


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