Highlights of a Life’s Collection

Selecting favorite pieces from the awe-inspiring collection of mostly 19th century European paintings and bronzes is no easy feat.  It is humbling to have these pieces, lovingly collected over half a century, together on our walls as a strikingly beautiful testament to the passion of the collector.  Our prominent consignor also included some notable works from the 20th century to his collection thereby adding a layer of interest and stylistic diversity.

Here are my favorites from more recent history.

Lot 126: “Pere Eternal” by Mario Prassinos, estimate $7000-$10,000.

This striking abstract by the French modernist painter was purchased by the collector over forty years ago and has remained of favorite of his (and mine).

Lot 197: Woman with Flowers by Barbara Wood, estimate $2500-$3000.

I am excited about this piece because while we have had numerous prints by the artist, this is the first time I have worked with her work in oil on canvas.  The colors are vibrant and the composition playful.  This piece is a stand out for certain.

Lot 204: Venice Canal by Takanori Oguiss, estimate $20,000-$30,000.

Japanese artist, Takanori Oguiss, who lived and worked most of his life in Paris, appears on my list with this scene of Venice.  I am drawn to the perspective employed by the artist and the use of light and shadow.  It was exciting to discover this work included in the collection.

Lot 210: Untitled Abstract by Georges Vasseur, Estimate $700-$900.

This French artist presents a fantastic cubist abstract in a bold palette.  I find this piece timeless and highly collectible for its ability to work well in any style home and appealing to a wide range of collectors.  The accessible pricing doesn’t hurt either.

Lots 268: “Boats in a Stormy Sea” by Adel Sansur, estimate $1000-$1500.

This contemporary work by the Lebanese/American abstract painter is one of only a handful of work by the artist to ever appear at auction.  The movement of the piece is quite nice and the colors are beautiful. I am excited to bring three of his pieces to auction, see lots 267 and 269 as well.

Be sure to check out all of the offerings in this outstanding collection for the upcoming auction on Tuesday, March 19th at noon, click here for more information and bidding links.  Happy collecting!

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