The Greats of Baltimore Art

As a Baltimore-based auction house, Alex Cooper frequently has the honor of auctioning the work of local artists. As home to the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore has been producing world renowned artist for almost 200 years. While selling work by these acclaimed artists is not new, the January 27th auction is the first time in recent history that we have been able to offer so many of these artists at one time. The art auction, headlined by “The Greats of Baltimore Art” is a who’s who of local art and artists.

A highlight of the auction are the works by nationally recognized, Herman Maril. The auction presents seven works, one watercolor, one lithograph and five oils. Notably, two of the oils are exciting, early examples of Maril’s work. Lots 1221 “Junk Yard” and 1223 “Painting the Barn” both date from the 1930’s. Of his work, Maril has said, “The sources of my work have been a response to nature and the world around me.”


Lot 1221, Herman Maril. “Junk Yard,” oil and lot 1223, Herman Maril. “Painting the Barn,” oil

Last year the website published a list of the 46 most notable alumni of MICA. Appearing at number 17, is another featured artist of the auction, Juan Bastos. Bastos is a Venezuela-American portrait artist of Bolivian descent who also creates other representational art, including pieces that utilize mythology and symbolism. He works primarily in painting and drawing and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Lot 1213, “Savvas,” is one of three by the artist from his “Mystic Series.” Look for the other two from the series in upcoming auctions.


Lot 1213, Juan Bastos. “Savvas,” oil

Another not to be missed Baltimore is Gladys Goldstein. While Goldstein began her career as a figural painter, she is best known for her colorful abstracts and collages. We have several outstanding abstracts in the auction including the showstopper lot 1217, “Jewel Tree.”

1217_1-1Lot 1217, Gladys Goldstein. “Jewel Tree,” oil

Goldstein was quoted in the Baltimore Sun in 1956 as saying of her work, "There's no substitute for intuition in painting. One doesn't know why he puts a dot at a certain point on a canvas, but feels that it is necessary, to do so." Goldstein also boasts a permanent collection at the University of Maryland Global Campus in Adelphi, MD.

In addition to Maril, Bastos and Goldstein, the January auction brings work by Raoul Middleman, Henry Coe, Jacob Glushakow, James Voshell, A. Aubrey Bodine, Joseph Sheppard, Aaron Sopher, Reuben Kramer, Douglas Hofmann, Eugene Leake, Bennard Perlman, and Robert Seyffert.

You will not want to miss this chance to add some Baltimore to your collection.


Kathleen Hamill
Director of Modern & Contemporary Art