Writing Your Legacy: Why Luxury Pens Matter

           Picture, for one second, the next time you write something down. (Not the most thrilling thing to imagine, I know.) You may think about what you write down, or perhaps where you’ll be. Regardless, whatever you may have thought about, the pen was certainly not a focus.

            Pens fade into the back of your conscious, like most things we take for granted. Taking a moment to truly realize the worth of one’s writing utensil is an important practice. With writing utensils – quality has always been a factor. This comes up most prominently in the arts, with pencil quality or tip size being crucial, but what about day-to-day life?

            Often in movies or television there will be some corporate bigwig signing massive checks with some fancy looking pen with the company’s logo or something. The idea of the luxury pen is often wrongly tied to this idea of avarice and narcissism – as if only caricatures of businessmen are the only people who should own a luxury pen.

That’s completely ridiculous.

            Luxury pens and really anything of luxurious quality can be bought and enjoyed by anyone. There is an egregious misconception that luxury means you must know everything about these brands or have to be “in the know.” There isn’t some clique you need to join to start owning these things, and luxury items certainly aren’t limited to any particular group of people.

            The true definition of luxury is often skewed in today’s world. Luxury, in the simplest sense of the word, is “something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary.” Luxury is all about quality, and it’s clearest to see in the market of luxury pens.

            One might not immediately see the uses for a luxury pen, but really, anything of such high quality has a value higher than itself. In the same way that a luxury handbag is more than just a great bag, a luxury pen is a symbol of professionalism and composure. Beyond that, the uses are practically endless. You would now own an item that holds a value above its own function. But, on the other hand, many people aren’t about that life. Maybe you’re more practical and still don’t see the use in a luxury pen.

            Most luxury pens are fountain pens – a type of pen that has existed for literal ages. The design is tried and true – functionality and quality does not get better than that. The design relies on gravity, meaning there isn’t any complex inner machinery to break. The fountain pen is truly deserving of the luxury name. The quality and longevity of such a pen should be enough to make the realist in you, at the very least, consider such a purchase.

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Cormac Jensen

SCAD Class of 2025

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