The Written History of Artist, EJ Montgomery

Alex Cooper is honored to announce the forthcoming auction of The Evangeline Montgomery Collection.  This historical Collection is comprised of over 220 linear feet of material including books and monographs, manuscripts, papers and other ephemera, art exhibit catalogues, photographs and journals.

The Collection was recently appraised by acclaimed curator, Camille Ann Brewer, of Detroit, Michigan.  Regarding the historical significance of the Collection, Brewer states,

“The Collection acts as a “node” collection in that it provides documentation not only of EJ’s personal career, but also through her work as an administrator, the history of many significant African American social and cultural arts organizations, as well as the careers and lives of many artists who interacted withing those organizations.”

  EJ Montgomery and Samella Lewis

The Collection includes along with images and documentation of Montgomery’s own work the images and documentation of other African American artists and their exhibitions including Sam Gilliam, Napoleon Jones Henderson, Ed Loving, Betye Saar, Samella Lewis and Ruth Waddy among others.  The Collection also includes documentation of events for the National Conference of Artists as well as the artist’s work with the Oakland Museum, the California Arts Commission and the San Francisco Art Commission.  Numerous images and documents from art opening receptions and from EJ’s work with the United States Department of State are also represented in this impressive collection.

Ruth Waddy, Self Portrait
Sam Gilliam, Orange Abstract
Napoleon Jones Henderson, A few Words From The Prophet Stevie

This will be the third auction of Montgomery’s work to be presented at auction by Alex Cooper Auctioneers.  Last year brought the successful auctions of both EJ’s art collection as well as a second auction of her personal body of work.  We look forward to bringing The Evangeline J. Montgomery Collection to the public as soon as possible.

For more information about this collection, please contact:

  Kathleen Hamill, Director, Modern and Contemporary Art